This Week: Gen Z and Finances & Intuitive Eating for Diabetes Management

Hi and welcome to the Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) Weekly Digest! Each Monday we will send out a breakdown of what is happening in the MFLN that week, let you know about upcoming webinars, highlight a blog post that might be of interest, and spotlight a recent webinar that is still offering continuing education credits.

This Week:

January 25 – Helping Gen Z Service Members Navigate Their Finances 

In this webinar, Dr. Michael Gutter discusses differences between Gen Z and previous generations, with special emphasis on technology use and financial management. Join to discover tips and tools for working with Gen Z Service members in a financial counseling setting.

January 26 – Intuitive Eating & Diabetes Management 

Diabetes management has historically been weight-focused. This presentation explores and introduces the topic of intuitive eating and a weight-neutral approach to diabetes management. It provides practical examples on how to work with individuals with diabetes, using a framework that is inclusive of all body sizes.

Mark Your Calendar

February 1 – Millennium Cohort Family Study: The Impact of Military Life

February 15 – 2022 Tax Updates: What Providers Need to Know

February 22 – End Stage Renal Disease: Balancing Labs and Food for a Quality Life 

February 23 – The Changing World of Medicaid: Updates & Developments 

Latest Blog Post

Feeling Depleted? Ways to Self-Assess & Refuel

The pandemic has wreaked havoc and as service providers we find ourselves experiencing stressors that seem new, different, or exacerbated. Coping strategies we used in the past seem to be falling short and leaving us asking ourselves, “now what?”

Webinar Spotlight

The Relationship Checkup: Support for Military Couples 

Learn about “The Checkup,” a powerful tool used by Military and Family Counseling Program to provide couples with the best available ongoing relationship support helping couples heal, strengthen, and maintain their relationship health.