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Hi and welcome to the Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) Weekly Digest! Each Monday we will send out a breakdown of what is happening in the MFLN that week, let you know about upcoming webinars, highlight a blog post that might be of interest, and spotlight a recent webinar that is still offering continuing education credits.

This Week

The Psychology of Money: Understanding Service Members’ Financial Decisions | October 19

This webinar will focus on behavioral finance and the impact of psychology on clients’ financial decisions, with an emphasis on building trust, being authentic with clients, and an introduction of communication essentials that can be applied directly in practice.

Mark Your Calendar

October 26 –  Warrior Care Recovery Care Coordination Program

October 27 – Optimizing Telehealth Delivery of Nutrition Therapy


Latest Blog Post

Helpful Tips in Preparing for Your Next Telehealth Appointment

Virtual visits are a convenient alternative to help keep you safe and well while accessing the services you need, whether attending an appointment with your health provider (telemedicine) or joining an educational session to support a chronic condition, like your diabetes support group (telehealth). Here are some tips that will help ensure an optimal experience with your next televisit!

Webinar Spotlight

Food Allergy vs Food Intolerance

What are the common misunderstandings, confusion, frustrations in today’s society about food allergies and food intolerances? Millions of Americans have mild to severe allergic reactions to foods every day. Are you adequately prepared to give evidence-based guidance?