Relationships for Readiness: MFLN VC 2019

The Military Families Learning Network 2019 virtual conference, Relationships for Readiness is coming soon!

Service providers and Extension educators working with military families come from diverse roles, locations, disciplines, and organizations.

How can we all join together to offer the best resources, support, and services to the military families we serve?

The Family Readiness System is a call for us all to think and work differently by using a networked approach to our work.

Relationships for Readiness invites service providers and educators to begin rethinking their work with military families by re-aligning themselves as connected and collaborative professionals, organizations, and agencies. In this conference, DoD representatives will discuss the Family Readiness System as a function of collaboration across boundaries, whether those boundaries are office doors, installations, communities, organizations, or agencies. Expert speakers will address various aspects of network building and weaving—from understanding networks and building relationships, to creativity, communication, and sharing, to working together across specialties and disciplines around the common goal of supporting military families. 

Amplify the work you do. Amplify the good you do.
Join us to see what’s possible as we explore Relationships for Readiness.

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TUESDAY September 17, 2019

WEDNESDAY  September 18, 2019

THURSDAY September 19, 2019

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