Did you know that you can listen to podcasts on self-care, issues affecting military families, as well as an abundance of resources and information on many other topics? We have a number of podcasts interviewing experts and highly respected professionals.

Looking to earn professional development credits? You can earn continuing education (CE) credits for select professional development podcasts!

Professional Development

Listen to these podcasts to become inspired and informed, and to earn continuing education (CE) credits. Check each podcast episode for more information.

Show Up Inspired

Each month host Alicia Cassels introduces individuals who excel in challenging professional fields and interviews experts in medical, social and management sciences to explore what keeps professionals engaged and thriving at work.

Moneytalk with MFLN Personal Finance

Each month, hosts Dr. Barbara O’Neill and Molly Herndon discuss MFLN Personal Finance’s most recent professional development offerings, continuing discussions brought to light in recent webinars, as well as deep diving into personal finance topics. Dr. O’Neil offers tips and strategies along with additional resources throughout the podcast.


This MFLN Family Development professional development opportunity was created to support and inspire those connected to military families. Each episode focuses on real-life struggles and topic areas that many families encounter and practical solutions used to lessen ripple effects. We invite you to sit back, relax and get anchored with us!

Learn • Support • Inspire

MFLN Family Transitions

Let’s Talk Transitions! MFLN Family Transitions shares a collection of stories and educational interviews about serving military families in transition.

Community Capacity Building – Field Notes

What are others doing to build and strengthen formal and informal networks in their community and state? Listen to this short series of interviews with professionals working in state and local communities to better support and serve military families.

Nutrition and Wellness Audio Interviews

Find the latest audio interviews with MFLN Nutrition and Wellness webinar presenters and experts in the field.

Working Outloud for Resilience

This 5 episode podcast series is part of the self-paced Building Networks for Resilience Learning Experience . Originally airing in the spring of 2018, you can now subscribe to this self-paced learning experience and receive weekly podcast updates with links to additional resources and reflection activities covering network and resilience building practices.

Tips • Resources • Recommendations

Money Moment

Money Moment is a podcast series produced by the MFLN Personal Finance team. The series is made up of brief, 15 minutes or shorter episodes that focus on managing family finances. Each episode focuses on some common financial hurdles families face every day and host Dr. Jennifer Hunter provides tips, resources and recommendations on how to meet these financial obligations while saving money. Each episode is accompanied by a transcript of the episode and links to any online resources Dr. Hunter discuses in the episode.

Mindfulness Series

Mastering the art of balancing work and life’s stressors can be an elusive task for us all. The phrase, “keep calm and carry on,” isn’t always easy. In this podcast series the narrator provides mindfulness tactics intended to help you discover and observe your reactions to life’s stressors and provide tools for responding effectively. Mindfulness, if you are not familiar with the term, means paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment with a non-judgmental attitude.