How are You Really Doing? Strategies for Assessing & Reducing Professional Burnout

About this Podcast:

Featuring conversations with Dr. Kacy Mixon of Valdosta State University and the Military Families Learning Network, and Gloria, a service professional from the U.S. Military Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), this episode provides a baseline for helping professionals to assess their own wellness, and provides research-based strategies for preventing and reducing burnout. Listeners will learn how to:

  • Define burnout.
  • Assess 3 key symptoms of burnout.
  • Assess overall well-being through the use of self-report wellness inventories.
  • Implement wellness strategies shown through research to be helpful in reducing symptoms of burnout.

Each month host Alicia Cassels introduces individuals who excel in challenging professional fields and interviews experts in medical, social and management sciences to explore what keeps professionals engaged and thriving at work. 

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Guest Bio:

Kacy Mixon, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology, Counseling & Family Therapy Department at Valdosta State University and Project Director for the Military Families Learning Network Family Development team. In her role as a marriage and family therapist, Kacy has worked with families from all walks of life. Her research, trainings, and courses focus on family violence, trauma, moral injury, parental deployment, and clinician wellness.

Host Bio:

Alicia Cassels, M.A. – Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) Program Development and Evaluation Specialist, Auburn University

Alicia has 25 years of experience working with professionals, young people and families in university and behavioral healthcare settings. Her current Cooperative Extension work is informed by 15 years of previous service as a clinical therapist and program director, gaining valuable knowledge of the challenges and opportunities faced by families and service providers in underserved and rural communities. For the past 10 years, Alicia has focused on the delivery of research and evidence-based Cooperative Extension programs, providing training, program development and educational resources for professionals, young people, and families with an emphasis on special needs, rural, military and under-served populations. Alicia has secured and managed more than 8 million dollars in competitive grant awards to fund Cooperative Extension initiatives.


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