Elder Family Financial Exploitation

About this Episode

Financial exploitation is a fast-growing form of abuse, across the generations, of seniors AND adults with disabilities. In this episode, Marlene Stum shares information and helps the listener to recognize potential financial abuse and respond appropriately. Resources are shared.

Guest Bio

Marlene Stum is professor in the Department of Family Social Science and a Family Resource Management Specialist with the  University of Minnesota Extension.  She is nationally recognized for her research and education on family economics and gerontology. Her work includes collaboration with the Minnesota Elder Justice Center and involvement in a multi-state research project to understand and address Elder Family Financial Exploitation. She is currently leading a research project listening to the voices and perspectives of family members impacted by elder family financial exploitation, addressing a major gap in what’s known

Additional Materials

National Center on Elder Abuse-  https://ncea.acl.gov/

Broken Trust: Elders, Families & Finances,  MetLife sponsored study- http://ltcombudsman.org/uploads/files/issues/mmi-elder-financial-abuse.pdf


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