Anchored. Episode 4| Early Intervention Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

About this Podcast Episode

This podcast offers a mother’s perspective on raising children with special needs, being a wife of an active duty military service member, and early intervention and other resources.

Guest Bios

Robyn DiPietro-Wells is married with four children ranging in age from 3 to 10 years old.  She lives in East Central Illinois and spent over a decade as an active duty military spouse.  Her two oldest children were each diagnosed with disabilities as young children.  Over the course of their lives she has dedicated a great deal of her time towards advocating on their behalf to ensure they receive the best care and services available.  She is passionate about encouraging and empowering parents to be advocates for their children, educating individuals on the unique needs of military families and children, and ensuring that all military families and professionals know of the resources and opportunities available to them and their children whether they are typical developing or experiencing developmental delays.


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Cover Photo Image: Flickr [ Beverly Goodwin, October 15, 2013, CCO]


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