Anchored. Episode 2| Married to the Military

About this Podcast Episode

This podcast delves into the perspective of marriage from a civilian married to an active duty Army Sgt. and also the perspective from an active duty military service member’s marriage through deployments. Tabitha McCoy takes us on her military journey through her experiences from marriage, army enlistment, deployment, birth of children, and the death of military spouse. Reg McCutcheon shares his experiences as a military service member while having a family and the ways in which his responsibilities to the Air Force impacted his relationship with his family.

Guest Bios

Tabitha McCoy earned her Master of Science degree in Marriage & Family Therapy at Valdosta State University. She is currently the Clinic Manager of FamilyWorks Therapy Clinic, a student run clinic housed in the Marriage & Family Therapy Department at VSU.  During the course of her career she has worked with individuals and families who suffered from a diverse range of issues, including family issues related to trauma, family violence, and grief. In addition to offering individual and family therapy she also developed and implemented a children’s divorce group as well as a children’s grief group and served as co-facilitator for the sexual assault support group at FamilyWorks Therapy Clinic. Tabitha has also held clinical internship positions at both a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility where she worked directly with inpatient residents throughout their rehabilitation journey, as well as a local elementary school where she worked in collaboration with other mental health professionals offering services to school aged children. Tabitha has a particular interest and passion working with Military personnel and their families and is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Marriage & Family Therapy with a concentration in working with Military Families.

Reg McCutcheon is a retired Lt Col from the US Air Force, a combat veteran and Bronze Star recipient. Reg has served in many capacities in his career to include squadron commander, chief of operations training, NATO senior planner, combat crew commander and regional director of admissions at the USAF Academy. Reg is currently a student in the Valdosta State University Marriage and Family Therapy program.


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