Anchored. Episode 1| We Are Family? Family Dynamics of Today

About this Podcast Episode

This podcast describes the ways in which family structure has changed over the past two decades and how this particular therapist’s work has been impacted by the changes.

Guest Bio

Jeff Bickers graduated from Valdosta State College with a BS in psychology, a MS in Sociology and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Jeff was the counselor/program director on the Adolescent Unit at Greenleaf (elaborate) from 1990-95.  He became a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Georgia in 1996. Jeff also worked at Charter Augusta, an acute/residential hospital, as a Family Therapist from 1995-2000. Recently, Jeff has been in private practice since March, 2000 at Valdosta Psychiatric Associates.

The Quote

“We have more ways to communicate now than we ever have, through email, text, telephone, but we don’t know how to talk to each other.”


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Cover Photo Image: Flickr [ Beverly Goodwin, October 15, 2013, CCO]

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