PCS Caregiving – Podcast Series


PCS (Permanent Change of Station) is a common term used in the military as service members and families transition to different duty stations; but, it can be useful in describing the transition military caregivers experience as they care for wounded warriors or individuals with special health care needs.

In this podcast series, we’ll discuss a variety of family caregiving issues and how helping professionals can better serve military families as they PCS from their role as a spouse, friend, partner, or loved one to a caregiver. Join us as each episode features unique caregiver issues, tips, strategies, resources, and subject matter experts on this PCS Caregiving journey.

Ep. 5: Parental Rights & Responsibilities

Ep. 4: Responding to Grief

Ep. 3: Manifestations of Grief

Ep. 2: Stages of Grief

Ep. 1: Balancing Loss & Gains