December 2018

New Webinar Series – Kids Serve Too!

“Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away…”

For many, seeing the words to the popular Sesame Street theme song elicits memories of childhood. Sesame Workshop has been a large part of early childhood education for decades, with their Sesame Street television show first airing in 1969. Sesame Workshop’s mission is

“to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder—and are at work in more than 150 countries, using the power of media and our beloved Muppets to meet children’s development needs with critical early education, social impact programs, and a large dose of fun!”

For almost five decades, Sesame Workshop has been instrumental at creating awareness of family issues and advocacy opportunities for families and professionals alike. In addition to the well-known children’s television programming, Sesame Workshop has a large online presence. They have various initiatives covering multiple topics that families with young children may face including healthy routines, grief, talking about finances, community violence, self-expression, diversity, and inclusion. This also includes an initiative known as Sesame Street for Military Families, which focuses on topics specific to military families.

Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) is happy to announce a new collaborative effort with Sesame Street for Military Families entitled Kids Serve Too! , a webinar series designed to support service providers and education professionals who work with military children and families. We’ve planned a five-part webinar series that invites you to explore resources and strategies related to community violence, military relocation, military caregiving, and young children with special needs. We are so excited for this upcoming series and hope you all can join us for a stroll down Sesame Street!

Kids Serve Too | Series Homepage

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Top 10 Military Money Mistakes
It’s no surprise that there are certain common mistakes that service members tend to make over and over again. Do you recognize any of the top 10 military money mistakes?

Planning for Your Child’s Special Needs Transition Through Retirement
The journey of creating a lifetime of continuous care for your son or daughter with a disability is daunting. But it would be less overwhelming if you start early, plan smart and are well-organized. Use the resources and the checklist provided in this post to get started.

Daily Family Routines are Daily Learning Opportunities for Young Children
When providers discuss routines as contexts for early intervention, parents may wonder, “That sounds strange.  Bath times are for bathing! How does that help my child learn?” Infants and toddlers learn by doing everyday things and gradually taking bigger roles in those activities

A Strategy to Help Military Caregivers Use Resources Supports
As a professional, you spend time searching for resources, supports and services to assist military caregivers with hopes what you discover will be helpful to them. You are ecstatic when a caregiver uses a suggested resource and comment on how helpful it was to them. So why is it that some caregivers use suggested resources while other don’t?

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Show Up Inspired!

How are You Really Doing? Strategies for Assessing/Reducing Professional Burnout

Featuring conversations with Dr. Kacy Mixon of Valdosta State University and the Military Families Learning Network, and Gloria, a service professional from the U.S. Military Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), this episode provides a baseline for helping professionals to assess their own wellness, and provides research-based strategies for preventing and reducing burnout.

Anchored | Episode 9

Silent Strength: Impacts of Chronic Illness

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of all adults in 2012 had one or more chronic health condition. Further statistics show that one in four adults had two or more chronic health conditions. These alarming numbers reflect the need for conversation and support surrounding chronic illness. While many people only think of the physical impacts of chronic illness, there is a psychological component that can be just as strong. This podcast will explore common stressors associated with chronic illness, address harmful myths and stigmas associated with individuals and families struggling with chronic illness, and discuss helpful ways to support those affected.

New Podcast Series!

Money  Talk with MFLN Personal Finance is a new monthly podcast produced by the Personal Finance team of the Military Families Learning Network. In each episode, Dr. Barbara O’Neill and Molly Herndon discuss their project’s most recent professional development, personal finance webinar topics.

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