September 2019

2019 Virtual Conference "Relationships for Readiness"

MFLN’s third annual virtual conference Relationships for Readiness is about a month away. Are you planning to join us? This year’s conference is truly a professional development investment for yourself, your staff, and your organization. We’re going to be talking about networks this year, and learning about the various skills you as a professional can develop and utilize to become a successful network contributor. In fact, we will be discussing how YOUR collaborative relationships with other service providers support the readiness of the military service members and families you work with. 

Did you know that as a military family service provider, the Department of Defense considers you to be a crucial part of the Family Readiness System (FRS)? The FRS is a network of collaborating people, programs, services, and organizations that supports readiness and quality of life for military service members and their families. No matter where you work or what your role is, if you work with service members and their families, you are a key contributor to the FRS. We’ll learn about the FRS as both a policy and a call to action in our first conference session, “The FRS and You.”  

To take action and contribute to the FRS, we first need to understand networks and how to work within them. Healthy networks require collaboration, creativity, different ways of working, innovation, generosity, information sharing, and time. We’ll learn from experts in various fields about how to become network contributors with engaging discussions on networked approaches to working by using network mindsets, creativity, collaboration, and developing integrated approaches to service delivery. Each afternoon, the “Making Connections” sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss the day’s major concepts and takeaways, and connect them back to the FRS framework with guidance and insight from Department of Defense. 

Please join us in this important learning opportunity to develop new insights into the work you do, and more importantly, how you do it. 

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Budgeting Strategies the Work
Developing and following a budget requires a level of attention to detail (e.g., recording and adjusting expenses). Here are four recommendations to develop a budget that works.

Make Food Safe: Minimizing Your Risk of Foodborne Illness
Did you know that the week of September 14, 2006, marked the first time in history that individuals in the United States were without spinach for a total of five days. Learn about foodborne illness and how to keep your food safe.

What Researchers Know About Building a Happy Life
Results of an ongoing study continues to reveal that, in essence, a single factor is highly correlated to happiness, physical health, mental wellbeing, and emotional health, regardless of participant demographics.  -And it’s not what you might think.

Resource Discovery: It’s Perfectly Normal!
Discussing the topic of sexual behavior with children can be challenging for adults. Children are curious creatures about many different topics such as their bodies and sex. Learn about a great resource that is kid and teen friendly!

New Webinar Series – Coming Soon!

Starting in October 2019, the Military Families Learning Network will host a series of webinars highlighting the THRIVE Initiative programs and available resources.

Penn State’s Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness and the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Office of Military Community and Family Policy have partnered to develop the THRIVE Initiative, a continuum of parenting programs for parents of children from birth to 18 years of age. The THRIVE Initiative programs focus on three important areas: positive parenting practices, parent and child stress management and physical health promotion. Three of the four programs are now available online at no cost to parents!

Visit the THRIVE Series Homepage.

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PCS Caregiving – Coming Soon!

Permanent Change of Station or PCS is a common term used in the military as service members and families transition to different duty stations; but it can be useful in describing the transition military caregivers experience as they care for wounded warriors or individuals with special health care needs. Hence – “PCS Caregiving.”

Each episode will feature unique caregiver issues, tips, strategies, resources, and subject matter experts on the PCS Caregiving journey. You can expect the first couple of episodes to focus on caregiver grief and loss and how caregivers can identify stages of grief and balancing loss and gains.