Network Literacy

The Network Literacy (NetLit) team sees democracy, equity and social capital as critical values for living and working together in a complex world.

Guided by these values, we help people become more resilient and adaptive within complex social systems through relationship building, personal growth, and shared work. We do this by creating space for practice, reflection, connection, inquiry, co-learning and collaboration.

Here’s more on how and why we work.

Our role in the MFLN

The complex and interrelated issues facing military families, call for emergent and adaptive solutions. NetLit will help MFLN better contribute to these solutions by:

  • Producing and sharing knowledge about complex systems and the role social networks play in building resilience within those systems
  • Creating learning experiences and spaces for the practice of network building
  • Facilitating network-wide discussions on creating conditions for engagement and program innovation
  • Collaborating with MFLN teams to support more collaborative, learner-centered, and issue-driven programming
  • Measuring and monitoring the health of the MFLN network

What we are working on right now

MFLN Social Network Analysis and Asset Mapping
each year we conduct a social network analysis (SNA) of the core of the Military Families Learning Network. The SNA provides us with information on how our team members are connected to each other, and insights into how we might strengthen the network. The 2018 SNA includes data on the assets (strengths, skills and interests) of the members of the core network. We are hoping the inclusion of member assets will provide a more accurate picture of the capacity the network has for collaborative work and program innovation, and provide a new lens through which the network can be viewed.

2019 Network Literacy Plan of Work



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