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“Building Networks for Resilience” Learning Experience

Resilience Sign at Night
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A strong support network can help you be resilient in times of change, but what can you do to make sure those networks are there when you need them?

The “Building Networks for Resilience” Learning Experience focuses on using elements of the Working Out Loud process, positive psychology, behavioral science and more to build social support networks to improve our resilience.

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Webinar 1: Working Out Loud: Building Networks for Resilience

February 27, 2018

Webinar 2: Helping Military Families Build Resilience Through Networks – A Collaborative Conversation

April 10, 2018
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Podcast Series: Build Your Networks; Build Your Resilience

Each podcast episode is designed to help you further explore an element of working out loud. Listen as Bob and Jessica discuss each element and lead you through a simple exercise designed to help you build your networks and your resilience.