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On the Edge: Connectivity within Suicide Awareness, Assessment, & Prevention

Release Date: TBA
Dr. Douglas Flemons, Nova Southeastern University & Alexandra “Ali” Martinez, Ed.S., LMFT, Alachua County Crisis Center
About: It is difficult to imagine the pain an individual must be experiencing in order to contemplate suicide. However, Dr. Douglas Flemons reminds us that suicidality is not a stable trait that follows individuals constantly and forebodingly. Rather, thoughts of suicide are brought about by a desperate desire to escape suffering, and the act itself is often an impulsive action facilitated by an indifference towards death. Keeping this in mind, assessments and prevention strategies have been developed to help individuals in this place. In this episode, Dr. Douglas Flemons and Dr. Ali Martinez discuss ways in which professionals can assess, recognize, and address this complex topic.
2 CEUs will be available