Our webinar topics focus on the important work service professionals do with military families. They offer various continuing education opportunities for live and archived webinars (for up to one year after the live date).

Types of CEU’s we have offered:

  • Marriage & Family Therapy, Social Work, Licensed Professional Counselor CEUs through the University of Texas
  • National Association of Social Work (NASW)
  • Georgia Marriage and Family Therapy (GAMFT)

Find out more about our upcoming and archived webinars, here.


Anchored. is MFLN Family Development’s new professional development opportunity created to support and inspire those connected to military families. Each episode focuses on real life struggles and topic areas that many families encounter and practical solutions used to lessen ripple effects. We invite you to sit back, relax and get Anchored. with us!

We welcome you to join our audience of various individuals in the mental health, family advocacy, early intervention, and education fields. You can find out more about Anchored. on our webpage.

Virtual Conferences

The MFLN Virtual Conference is a free four-day virtual learning and networking experience for professionals working with military service members and their families. Centering on the theme “Learning through Change,” conference keynotes and interactive sessions and activities will explore professional and organizational change from multiple angles.

More information on the 2017 Virtual Conference can be found here.

Virtual Learning Events

The Virtual Learning Event (VLE) is a themed virtual conference housing weekly sessions within a particular month of the calendar year. It is our hope that these weekly sessions will enhance your knowledge, awareness and utilization of effective strategies when working with families struggling with the various issues discussed in each session. Learn more about our Virtual Learning Events, here.

Let’s connect, discover, and share!
These sessions will also offer you the opportunity to connect not only with various professionals working with families effected by family violence, but also with presenters of weekly sessions. Those with lingering questions or comments after each VLE session can also utilize our Q&A sessions on LinkedIn.