Optimizing Telehealth Delivery of Nutrition Therapy

About This Webinar: The healthcare landscape is changing quickly, especially with the increased use and acceptance of telehealth.  Telehealth coverage for medical nutrition therapy has dramatically increased, and patients are more comfortable with virtual platforms.  This webinar covers how to optimize the quality, privacy, and reimbursement of nutrition therapy that is delivered via telehealth. Learning… Continue Reading Optimizing Telehealth Delivery of Nutrition Therapy

Intuitive Eating & Diabetes Management

About This Webinar: Diabetes management has historically been weight-focused, however, weight is not a behavior and positive behavior changes are often a better goal! This presentation explores and introduces the topic of intuitive eating and a weight-neutral approach to diabetes management. It provides practical examples on how to work with individuals with diabetes, using a… Continue Reading Intuitive Eating & Diabetes Management