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Engaging Military Families on Social Media

Thu September 17, 2015: 11:00 am-12:00 pm EDT

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A free webinar presented by MFLN Family Transitions.

Social media can be an important tool to reach military families, especially during times of transition. With the right approach, you can do even more, engaging military families and building a community of support. In this webinar, you’ll learn about best practices for using social media with a military audience and reaching “militariennials.” We’ll also discuss strategies for building community on social media by talking with people instead of at them, and opening the door for them to talk to each other.


  • Understand the DoD and branch policies governing use of social media
  • Know and be ready to use best practices for reaching service members and military families
  • Understand the concept of “social capital”
  • Know and be ready to use strategies for building community using social media, especially during times of transition

Presenter Information

Bob Bertsch has worked in communications, education and web technology for more than 20 years. He’s currently a web technology specialist with North Dakota State University Agriculture Communication and a member of the eXtension Network Literacy community of practice, which works to engage professionals in a community built around learning in networks. Bob lives in West Fargo with his wife and 10-year old son. He has another son and a daughter both attending the University of North Dakota.

Bruce Moody holds a Master’s degree in communication from Oklahoma University, and assumed his duties as public affairs specialist in the Military Community Outreach office of Military Community and Family Policy in November 2010.

As a member of the Military Community Outreach team, he supports a wide variety of efforts to inform service members and their families about the programs, resources, and information available to help them meet the challenges of military life. Mr. Moody’s efforts include the development of communication campaigns, such as Month of the Military Child. He leads the organization’s presence and engagement on social media. He writes speeches and blog posts for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy, and response to media queries about the organization.

Before joining Military Community and Family Policy, Mr. Moody served for seven years as a public affairs specialist at Navy Installations Command, where he represented by Navy’s family readiness programs. While there, he launched the organization’s first social media pages, developed social media policy and trained much of the worldwide staff on emerging and best practices in social media.

In 2007, Mr. Moody retired from the Navy after serving 20 years in public affairs positions around the Fleet.

Participants will earn a Certificate of Completion

After viewing the webinar, scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will find a link under “Evaluation.” After completing the evaluation, you will be prompted to fill out information needed for your Certificate of Completion. A certificate will then be emailed to you.

How to Join the Webinar

To connect to this webinar, it is strongly suggested that you use Google Chrome for both PC and Mac connections. If this is not an option, Internet Explorer may be used if connecting via PC. Safari and Firefox have not been successful in accessing this webinar platform.

  • Minimum Adobe Flash Player version 11.2
  • Minimum Java version 8.49
  • If you do not have a CAC, login as a guest.
    • For CAC holders only: select your email security certificate, proceed through the DoD warning and join the conference. This allows you to enter as an authenticated user.
  • Allow Adobe Flash Player to access your computer
  • Please allow time for the moderator to grant you access to the room
  • If you become stuck at the “connecting to the server” page, refresh your page

For those who cannot connect to the Adobe site, an alternative viewing of this webinar will be running on Ustream.


Bob Bertsch


Engaging Military Families on Social Media – Evaluation

Event Materials

Watch the Recording

Presentation Slides (SlideShare)

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Five ways US journalists are making their stories more shareable

“Social Media Communication with Military Spouses” REACH February, 2015

October, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Guide To Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Secure

Social Media Education and Training

Twitter FAQ/Help section

Facebook FAQ/Help Section

OPSEC Awareness (3)

OPSEC Awareness (2)

OPSEC Awareness (1)

MEMORANDUM: Shielding the Dept. of Defense and Family Members from “Phishing” and “Spear Phishing”

DoD Warns Troops, Families to be Cyber Crime Smart

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