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Mobile Apps for RDNs in Patient Care: What Does the Evidence Say?

Wed September 21, 2016: 11:00 am-12:00 pm EDT

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Dietitians, to receive your CDR CPEU certificate, please complete the brief survey about today’s webinar. Afterwards, you will be prompted to input your name and email address and the CDR CPEU certificate will be emailed directly to your email.

This is a free webinar hosted by the Nutrition & Wellness Concentration Area of the Military Families Learning Network.

There are many diet and nutrition apps available for our phones and tablets. This webinar will focus on the apps that are the most widely used by Dietitians and the research that is being done on apps in dietetics practice. Some of the apps discussed will include Calorie King, Fitbit, Weight Watchers, LoseIt, and Sparkpeople.

Learning Objectives

After this presentation, the attendee should be able to:

  • Identify the most popular and efficacious health-related mobile apps being used in dietetics practice.
  • Objectively evaluate apps for selection in nutrition interventions.
  • Explain current developments and future directions in apps research relevant for the dietetics practitioner.


Kristen DiFilippo, MS, RDN, LDN, Ph.D. candidate in Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois

Justine Karduck, MS, RDN, LDN, CDE Ph.D student and Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics, Univeristy of Illinois


1.0 CPEU for RDNs approved.

If you are unable to join the live webinar, you can still earn CPEUs by watching the video which will be posted on this page within 48 hours after it concludes.


Mobile Apps for RDNs in Patient Care: What Does the Evidence Say? – Evaluation

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References for Mobile App Webinar

Mobile Apps for RDNs in Patient Care, What’s the Evidence Say? (PDF)

Mobile Apps for RDNs in Patient Care: What Does the Evidence Say? (Slide Share)



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