Meet Our Presenters for the September 21 Webinar "Mobile Apps for RDNs in Patient Care: What Does the Evidence Say?"

Healthy and Happy with the Blues

Nutrition, Exercise and Renal Disease webinar discussion. New publication by Dr. Ken Wilund!

Audiocast with Dr. Ken Wilund and Dr. Karen Chapman-Novakofski

What is Dialysis?

Comments and Resources for the webinar Nutritional Trends and Implications for Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgeries

Audiocast with Ashely McCartney, MS, RD, LDN and Dr. Karen Chapman Novakofski

Meet our Presenter Ashely R. McCartney Nutritional Trends and Implications for Weight Loss Surgery

References: Breastfeeding Nature’s Best

Resources for Work Life Integration: What does Success Look Like?

Audio Cast with Rose Straeter MA, RLC, IBCLC and Dr. Karen Chapman-Novakofski

Breastfeeding Infants with Disabilities

Breast Feeding-Nature’s Best! Meet our presenter Rose Marie Straeter, MA, RLC, IBCLC

Audiocast Trans Fat Update with Dr. Kristi Crowe-White and Dr. Karen Champman-Novakofski

Meet Dr. Kristi Crowe-White, Ph.d., R.D. – Trans Fat Update Webinar

Audio Chat with Lori Carlson, MS, RDN, LDN and Dr. Karen Chapman-Novakofski "Cooking Demonstrations"

Happy New Year: Learning Opportunities for Nutrition and Wellness

Food Safety for the Holidays: Wash, Separate, Cook, Refrigerate!

Scott AFB Embraces 5210 Healthy Military Children (HMC)