Compensation and Benefits Mobile App for Wounded Warriors

Are you struggling to understand the benefits that you as a wounded service member may be entitled to? Or are you a military family caregiver and need on-the-go financial information concerning your wounded loved one? If so, there’s an app for that!

In November 2011, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) released the Wounded, Ill and Injured Compensation and Benefits Handbook–a smartphone application designed to provide service members and their families  with access to comprehensive information upon separation or retirement as a result of a serious (SI) or very serious (VSI) injury.

The comprehensive information included in the mobile application covers topics of recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. The electronic version also includes information relating to medical care, DoD pay and allowances, disability compensation and benefits.

The smartphone application also lists toll-free numbers for TRICARE regional contractors, behavioral healthcare providers and other TRICARE programs.

Both the handbook and smartphone application were developed by the DoD, Departments of Veterans Affairs, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education and the Social Security Administration.

This free application is available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store.



Implications of Relatives Raising Children While Parents are Deployed Webinar Re-cap

If you were able to join the Thursday, April 5  Personal Finance web presentation by Dr. Sandra Bailey, you were in for a treat. Dr. Bailey shared her expertise on the topic of grandparents and other kinship raising children while parents are deployed or otherwise unable to care for their children.  Dr. Bailey provided great information and identified numerous resources addressing the logistics of loco in parentis (or in place of the parent) parenting.

The web conference participants proved also to be a great asset as they engaged and expanded the conversation. The 154 or so participants shared their own experiences and knowledge from working with military service members. These stories and resources enriched this webinar tremendously, and their participation is  valued.

For example, one participant shared her experience of raising her two granddaughters while her daughter is deployed with the Air Force.  She has chronicled her experiences in her blog, Deployed Grandma, in the hopes of providing information that may be useful to others going through similar situations. Part of the rich dialogue during the conference was the sharing of online spaces offering support for caregivers.  Sites shared, to name a few, include Families Near and Far and the National Respite Network.  It is vitally important that caregivers receive support, and take the occasional break from raising children.

Special concerns related to grandparents raising grandchildren were also raised during the presentation. Many “GRGs” are still working and are doubly stressed by the responsibility of caring for children, a second time around, or “off-time parenting.” Not only is their time stretched to meet these roles, but they may also find their peers are unable to relate to their new responsibilities.

Below are some of the resources you shared during this presentation. Did I leave something out? If so, please leave your resource in the comments section.


If you were unable to join the live presentation of this webinar, please check the event page, where an archived recording of the session will be posted soon.

Author: Molly C. Herndon ()