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College students and recent graduates studying childcare, youth development, or similar areas have opportunities to intern in Department of Defense accredited youth and childcare programs on active military installations throughout the country and abroad. Interns have been placed in Washington D.C., California, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Hawaii, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and Guam.

The Military Extension Internship Program is an incredible opportunity for college students and recent graduates to gain real-world work experience and develop professional management skills in child development, school-age, and youth programs.

Interns attend a mandatory Intern Orientation before starting the internship. Travel costs for Intern Orientation will be covered for interns. Interns will be compensated to cover basic living expenses with either an hourly wage or stipend during the internship. 

The Military Extension Internship Program will accept applications for the Fall 2013 class until Friday, March 29. More information and application materials can be found at .

Specific questions regarding the internships may be referred to: Jessica Wandless, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service,





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Money Monday

By Dr. Barbara O’Neill

A service member is asking about smart uses for his tax refund. What should Personal Finance Management Program (PFMP) staff advise?

Andia Dinesen, Military Saves coordinator, suggests the 30-40-30 plan for allocating tax refund dollars:

  • Use 30% of the refund to pay off outstanding debt and/or catch up on outstanding bills.
  • Earmark 40% for current use (e.g., family vacation or purchase of a “big ticket” item).
  • Use 30% to jumpstart an emergency fund or for long-term savings. For the latter, service members can use Form 8888 to purchase U.S. savings bonds or arrange other savings deposits. See to download this form, and any other tax forms and publications, for the current tax year.

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This post was published on the Military Families Learning Network blog on February 18, 2013.