How to Join Military Families Learning Network Live Webinars

The Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) provides several of options for viewing and participating in live webinars for those that are on or off of military installations and in various time zones.

We recommend reviewing the following information a day or two prior to the webinar session you will attend to ensure all goes smoothly the day of the event.

MFLN Live Webinar Options

Webinars are offered primarily through the All Partners Access Network (APAN) Adobe Connect platform where participants can view the presentation and interact with the presenters and other attendees. We also provide an option to view live webinars via YouTube Live.

  • APAN  Connect platform:  This is the best way to participate in MFLN webinars.  Instructions are below:
    • RSVP for the webinar from the event web page.
    • Check your email for the URL (link) to connect to the webinar.  Look in Junk mail or Spam folders if the email isn’t delivered.
    • Use the  URL (link) to access the APAN Connect room.
    • Enter as a Guest using your name.  Follow the instructions on the login portal. If prompted, allow Adobe Flash Player to run your computer.
    • When prompted allow your computer speakers to be used for the webinar.
    • For the best experience,  use a wired connection and ensure you are running Adobe Flash Player version 13.0 or greater. For full system requirements, see Adobe Connect’s page on technical specification requirements.
    • Experiencing difficulties? Check out our Troubleshooting Tips or email us at
  • Live Stream:  If you cannot access APAN Connect, you may view the live broadcast  on the MFLN YouTube Live channel. Note that you will not be able to interact  with the presenter or other attendees via YouTube Live.  However, you will have the same opportunities for certificates or CEUs.
  • Mobile:  Mobile apps are available for both Adobe Connect and YouTube.

If you missed a webinar, recordings of webinar sessions can be viewed from the Military Families Learning Network YouTube channel at anytime.

Tech Support & Other Inquiries

If you need help before MFLN Webinars, follow these suggestions:

  • Check our troubleshooting tips page.
  • Email with a detailed account of the problem you are experiencing including the type of computer you are accessing from, connection type (wireless or hardwired) and any other relevant information such as web browser used and error messages received.