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Military Families Learning Network offers FREE webinars, virtual learning events, and conferences, covering a variety of topics relevant to military family service providers and Cooperative Extension educators.

Events are offered on different platforms that work on and off military installations, and they often offer Continuing Education credits and/or Certificates of Completion. Check each event for specific details.

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Upcoming Webinars & Events

Click each title to learn more or to RSVP to participate live. Once you RSVP you’ll get a link to the event room, and you’ll join us there the day of the webinar event. Or view the live broadcast on YouTube on the MIlFamLN channel. You can email milfamln@gmail.com for help with RSVP registration or getting connected.

Webinar Series

Upcoming and Recent Series: 

Sexual Behavior in Children and Youth

Intentional Design: Promoting Positive Behavior

Archived Series:

Sunrise to Sunset: Supporting Children with Autism Through Their Day

Kids Serve Too! 

Resilience Series


Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

Past/Archived Webinars & Events

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Relationships for Readiness: MFLN Virtual Conference 2019 

DoD representatives discuss the Family Readiness System as a function of collaboration across boundaries, whether those boundaries are office doors, installations, communities, organizations, or agencies. Expert speakers address various aspects of network building and weaving—from understanding networks and building relationships, to creativity, communication, and sharing, to working together across specialties and disciplines around a common goal of supporting military families.

Cultural Competency Awareness, Action & Advocacy 2018 Virtual Conference

Six sessions address topics such as privilege and power, race, equity, dis/ability, intersectionality, authentic dialogue, sexual orientation, gender expression, and health disparities.

Personal Finance Virtual Learning Event 2018

Listening, Processing and Understanding: Working More Effectively with Clients in Personal Finance