Meet our Leadership Team

Our Military Families Learning Network leadership team works collaboratively with our concentration area teams. Meet our leadership team to learn more about how we guide, connect, and strengthen our programming and the Military Families Learning Network.

Kyle is the Project Director and Principle Investigator for the MFLN and an Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Science at Auburn University. Kyle has been with the project since its inception and has been instrumental in the long-term success of the MFLN. Spending time with his family (especially his grandchildren), international travel with his lovely bride, and hanging out with his students are some of his favorite things to do.

Sarah is the Co-PI and project lead for the network. Sarah began her work with MFLN as the evaluation specialist and now enjoys focusing on the big picture of growing network capacity. When she’s not working she enjoys the outdoors, reading, and spending time with her family.

  • (540) 231-7142

Brigitte leads program development, evaluation, and research for the network. She is an educator interested in qualitative research and community change, a mother of two teenage daughters, and a runner. When she’s not up to her neck in data, she loves spending time outdoors in the mountains, rivers, and lakes of Appalachia.

Jen works with MFLN concentration area teams to utilize technology to its fullest educational potential, utilizing learner-centered and user interface design principles to best reach and impact our audience. Jen has over 25 years experience in web design, distance education, marketing communications, and IT training and consulting. She also worked as a radio personality in a past life.

  • Family & Community Health Program Specialist

Terry develops and assists in monitoring an overall MFLN communication efforts to outline goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, and messaging for all components of the MFLN. He works closely with the MFLN Social Media Strategist, providing input on training for concentration area social media specialists on audience, messaging, and related topics.

Kathleen is a project manager and research associate with MFLN. She assists with behind the scenes administrative tasks, data management, and project evaluation.

When she’s not exploring data, you’ll find Kathleen in the kitchen experimenting with baking recipes.

Hannah is the communications manager for the MFLN, focusing her time on social media outreach and program awareness. When she’s not working Hannah enjoys traveling, hanging out with family and testing new recipes.

The Military Families Learning Network uses a variety of technology platforms to deliver innovative programs. Kerry works behind the scenes to ensure that these technologies operate as well as possible, Whether it’s one of our renowned presenters or a first-time webinar participant, his goal is to optimize every user’s experience with MFLN.

If you attend a webinar, you’ll likely hear Coral in the role of webinar host, inviting you to participate or providing technical support. Behind the scenes, Coral coordinates many facets of professional development programming, including planning of webinar logistics. When offline, Coral can be found adventuring outdoors or preparing for her next triathlon.