Day 3: MFLN Virtual Conference Conversation


It’s day three of the virtual conference!

Today Trisha Wohlfeil continues to build the conversation around the role of emotions during times of change. She shares strategies for building resilience through vulnerability, values, and personal empowerment, and reminds us of the connections between thought and behavior.

Brian Frederickson complements Trisha’s session with a discussion about the intention to change and the actions necessary to make it happen. He walks us through immunity mapping as a helpful tool in identifying new behaviors that better align with effective leadership through change.

Are you seeing any connections between personal and organizational change? What themes are you noticing across the conversations so far this week? Please share what you’re learning, and how this information can be helpful in your work.

Let’s learn from one another! Please share your thoughts as a comment below.

-Brigitte Scott,
Director of Program Development and Evaluation, MFLN

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  1. Trisha Wohlfeil’s presentation today had some great nuggets of truth that resonated with me…
    -Stories have 3 acts: Beginning, Messy Middle, & End
    -We can re-author our stories…this version can be a rough draft…not the final draft
    -Shame messages (e.g. you’re not good enough, you are alone) are harmful. Naming/talking about them lessens their destructive power.
    Great reminders about the power of vulnerability 🙂

    1. Kacy, I’d like to echo the idea of naming/talking about the shame messages. It not only lessens the destruction, it empowers others when they hear that they are not alone. Our feelings are not necessarily unique to us. We aren’t as “weird” as we think we are…

  2. Trisha Wohlfeil offered some wonderful words of wisdom in her session this morning! I LOVE the concept of “our stories” having a beginning, messy middle, and end; and that oftentimes, the first “draft” of our stories are inaccurate. I also loved the idea of not having to hustle for our worthiness and that those who feel worthy are living and loving with their whole hearts. My favorite quote from this session was “ shame is a full contact emotion”. What a spot-on sentiment! And, lastly, Trisha’s statement about compassion not being pie- that there is plenty for everyone, is something I will keep in my mind always!

  3. Nice contrast between the webinars. Nice to see that change is not a short process but an investment — it takes risk/vulnerability and trust

  4. The quote Brian shared is pretty powerful…especially when it comes to personal change. “…the “competing” commitments to self-protection that require staying in our comfort zone.” and how they undermine our higher aspirations. I have been committed to change in so many areas of my life…and I have practiced making positive change, and this is a great reminder of why it can be a struggle.

  5. I was very impressed with the two presentations today in the virtual conference — the content was very thought provoking and really made me sit back and do some serious self reflection!

    One of the first quotes Trisha shared by Teddy Roosevelt that talked about how it it important to get in the ring … to get dirty & to give it your best … & at best you’ll experience triumph and at worst failure – but knowing know you had dared greatly. It is important to get out there & to try to achieve the goal or deal with the change or to learn that new skill. This reminded me of a quote I heard this summer at a technology conference that went something like “anything worth doing is worth doing badly” — which speaks to me to just get out there & give it your best try. At times, there may be some obstacles & challenges (the competing commitments that Brian spoke about) … but it is important to start & to try … and sometimes to start and try again using different strategies until you figure out that ‘sweet spot’ where the magic happens!

  6. There were several great key take aways from both Trisha Wohfeil and Brian Fredrickson’s presentations today. I really enjoyed Trisha’s comments on “Rumbling with Vulnerability” and how vulnerability isn’t a weakness but rather a strength. She mentioned that nothing makes her more vulnerable than change, which is SO TRUE! I also appreciated the exercise on Wanted vs. Unwanted Identities and how you want to be seen as an individual. It was definitely a moment of reflection on how I want/do not to be identified as a person.

    I liked how Brian discussed strategies to help bridge the gap between intention to change and the actions taken to make change happen. The use of the Immunity to Change map can help unlock the ability to take on new behaviors that better align with effective leadership, rather than self-sabotaging behaviors.

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