30 Days of Savings Challenge

The MFLN Personal Finance Team will be launching a 30-day savings challenge in September 2017. The 30 Days of Saving encourages participants to make small savings deposits each day, September 1-30 to save $100 in just 30 days.

Sign up below to participate in the challenge. By signing up you’ll receive weekly emails with reminders for upcoming events during the Challenge, as well as saving messages and resources. Elect to sign up as an Educator to receive links to even more resources to help you encourage your students and clients to join you in the Savings Challenge!

Interested in partnering with us to share the savings message? Please e-mail me at mollyh2@extension.org to receive graphics, savings messages and other resources you can share.

Promotional Materials for Partnering Organizations

Savings Chart as an Excel Spreadsheet


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