UPCOMING WEBINAR: Effects of Visible & Invisible Parent Combat Injuries on Military Families

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Webinar Background

Both visible and invisible injuries affect the climate of the family and every member.  The presenters, Adrian Blow, Ph.D. and Hiram Fitzgerald, Ph.D., will provide practical suggestions for military professionals and families to successfully negotiate key developmental milestones, in spite of stressful circumstances caused by war injury.

It is well documented that military life presents risks to mental and family health. Drawing from both the civilian and the military literature, the presenters will provide guidance on what sets the stage for successful family functioning, how military life can interrupt these processes, and what families can do to safeguard against risks.

Upon completion of the presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Describe visible and invisible injuries acquired through deployment.
  • Describe the inter-connectedness of visible and invisible injuries.
  • Relate military injuries to potential risks in children and families.
  • Describe basic aspects of normative development and life-course risk and resilience factors.
  • Describe critical factors that influence human development in major transitional periods.
  • Discuss factors from military life that may interfere with normative development.
  • Give practical examples of how military families can negotiate key developmental milestones in spite of stressful circumstances caused by war.

Continuing Education Credit

1.00 Continuing education credit hour will be available through the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to credentialed participants. Note: The following states do not accept national CE approval programs and require individual program/provider application processes: California, Michigan, North Carolina, and West Virginia. For more information on how to receive credit go to our Event Page.

This post was published on the Military Families Learning Network blog on May 22, 2014.

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