Military Families Learning Network Intern: My Profile

Lacey May CombsI am an intern with the Military Families Learning Network. During my time with this program I want to be able to reach out to military families all over the U.S. and across the globe to inform and provide them with information. I am currently a student at the University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls. I have a triple major in Nursing, Family Services, and Art Studio. My future goal is to be a Child Life Specialist and work with children that experience traumatic life issues that are not typical in a “normal” childhood. I want to be able to help children through stressful times such as a death of a parent, life threatening medical issues, family crisis and more. During my internship with the Military Families Learning Network, I want to be able to explore the research on children in military families and develop practical ways to help them. In addition, I want to assist parents and the professionals in understanding the reasoning why children act the way they do and how to work with them through situations that arise unique to military families. I chose to work with military families because I believe that there is a lot of potential behind each and every one of these families. Military families are not only experiencing everyday life changing events but they are also conquering the events that arise when placed into a military setting. Children are a deep passion of mine and I really want to have the opportunity to share many new ideas to help these children and families become even stronger than they already are.


This post is written by Lacey May Combs, Military Families Learning Network intern.

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