Wordless Wednesday — Well, not exactly


This post isn’t really wordless but telling the story of this young fellow, like showing his smile, is hard to resist.

A few months ago, my daughter and I were eating at a local restaurant and this young fellow and his grandfather were sitting next to us. I asked the young man about his uniform. He told me where he and his grandfather purchased the uniform and how he got to visit the army base with his grandfather.  After some probing, he continued to tell me why he wears a military uniform.

His great-grandfather served in World War II.  No older than 10 years old, he knew all the places his great-grandfather fought and could retell the stories as they had been told to him.

Though the details of the stories were fascinating, it was the animation and voice inflection mixed with the slow syllables and the Alabama-Southern twang that boomed with pride.  It was clear that he liked telling these stories and was glad someone was asking about them. Somewhere mixed in his story, he let me know that he was adopted and felt very happy he could tell about his adopted great-grandfather. He also let me know he wants to become a Marine when he grows up, even though his great-grandfather was not a Marine.

This conversation with this young man reminded me of the pride and resilience like I’ve seen with many military family members. Sometimes the general public is not attuned to the “calling” of protecting our country and serving in the military. We sometimes miss the underlying resilience of military families and sometimes we don’t understand the hardships and, at times, how different military life is from civilian life.

We, in the Military Families Learning Network, are very proud to serve those who serve military families. We look forward to this year’s professional development and educational efforts in personal finance, family advocacy, child care, and online networks.

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