Housing & Foreclosure Web Conference

The Personal Finance concentration of the Military Families Learning Network invites you to participate in a 90 minute web conference on Housing and Foreclosure for Military Families on Thursday, February 2 at 11 a.m. EST.

This seminar will:

  • Present solutions to preventing, alternatives and navigation strategies for families facing foreclosure
  • Give strategies for families who have homes that are “underwater,” including tips on what to do if the home has lost significant value
  • Understand various foreclosure prevention options
  • Identify the appropriate waterfall process when applying options for foreclosure prevention
  • Understanding the role of a HUD-approved counselor within this process
  • Typical paperwork a client will need to gather when working with the financial institution.

Laura Royer, Extension Faculty in Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Florida and Florida Extension. She holds HUD certifications and provides loan modification counseling. Royer will be joined by Brandon Peterson who is a Housing Counselor or Co-Coordinator of the Florida Master Money Mentor Program, of Florida’s Family, Youth and Community Sciences, also at the University of Florida. Peterson is also HUD-certified.

This 90 minute web conference will be presented for professional Personal Finance Managers who work with Military Families.

  • No registration is required to attend this event. Simply log on to Adobe Connect as a “guest” a few minutes before 11 a.m. on Feb. 2.
  • To learn more about the Personal Finance concentration of the Military Families Learning Network, please click here.
  • Selected research articles have been identified to enhance this web conference for participants. These readings can be found by clicking here.

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