We invite you to join us in committing to advancing justice and equity. The Military Families Learning Network is a learning community committed to helping family service providers do their best work. We stand in support of racial justice and equity for military and civilian families alike. We see education as a pathway to social justice, and we recognize that family service providers are uniquely positioned to be powerful allies. We pledge to engage presenters who reflect the diverse families and communities our participants serve. We pledge that our conversation spaces will be monitored for safe and respectful dialog. We affirm that reflection, learning, and change are always- and always should be- in motion.

We invite you to continue to learn with us. We invite you to continue to teach us. We all have different experiences with and exposures to social justice education. No matter where you are on your journey, we’re glad you’re here with us

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Connecting military family service providers and Cooperative Extension through
online professional development

America’s military families have unique needs. To respond to those needs, thousands of military service providers and Cooperative Extension educators provide support, training and resources to families on and off military installations and in our communities.

The Military Families Learning Network invites military family service providers and Cooperative Extension professionals to online professional development opportunities where they can exchange experiences, resources, and research to enhance professional impact and professional growth.

From Our Participants

These programs are fantastic! Having access to quality training on relevant topics has been invaluable.

Super event, very inspiring, terrific personal/professional reflections, very convenient, easy access.

I gain knowledge that contributes directly to my growing skillset, making me better able to serve my population—soldiers and their families.

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